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Judo, meaning 'The Gentle Way' is far more than just a sport, it is way of life. It develops not only physical strength and a competitive spirit, but encourages mental development  ~  these three areas combining with the ultimate goal being to make the individual a valuable addition to society. This was the original philospophy by the founder Professor Jigoro Kano. 

Judo begins with a sign of respect when we bow to each other.  As you learn to work with your body and mind, you learn to study and apply your increasing knowledge and try to out-think your opponent. Judo is a sport that challenges the mind and body to work as one, but always respecting your opponent and your club.

Whether you discover judo and wish to take it up at competitive level, or you choose to just enjoy Judo as a form of exercise, you will find Lincoln Judo Academy a place who will encourage you at all levels.  

There is no 'typical' joduka - our members range from the age of 5 to late 70's; from girls and women wishing to become proficient in a self-defense sport, to children with autism - judo will encourage and challenge at all ages and in all circumstances. The lessons encourage discipline, hard work and fitness as well as fun and laughter. No equipment is needed and the club has spare judo gi's (suits) that new members are more than welcome to borrow until they are ready to buy their own. 

We also understand that you may wish to 'try it before you buy' so we offer a complimentary lesson so that you can get a taste for the sport. We also have four locations in the Lincoln area, catering for beginners and the more experienced and we have classes for various junior ages, as well as adult classes. 

Barry Cooper the club founder is a fully qualified and registered coach, as are our support coaches. We pride ourselves on our professionalism within the judo community and our own club. We look forward to welcoming new members into our club and should you want more information on our club and the sport, please feel free to contact us by clicking on the 'CONTACT US' link. 

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